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Montezuma Sustainable Tourist Destination

Updated: Apr 25, 2023


In December 2018, local community members founded the ADIM - Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Montezuma. Its membership consists of national and international residents, small business owners, and neighbors in general.

The Brand

In July 2020 the ADIM participated in the national contest Rediscover Costa Rica, a Community Investment Strategy by the CRUSA Foundation, for the economic reactivation of tourist areas.

ADIM project to position Montezuma as a Sustainable Tourist Destination was awarded.

As part of this initiative a Montezuma Brand was created, a non profit website and audiovisual campaign to promote on digital platforms Montezuma as tourist destination.

The Local Certification

Locally it was launched an education program to align the whole community in a sustainable path, and most of the local business sing up to win their ECOTURTLE certification..

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