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Green Season in Paradise!

May to December. The best time to visit this tropical paradise! Not only is the country lush, vibrant and energized, but there are many other benefits to traveling during this time, which many travelers shy away from. Costa Rica’s “dry” or “high” season runs from mid-December until the end of April, and it is crowded with travelers from all around the world, prices are highest and vacancy is usually difficult to find. On the other hand, our “green” or “rainy” season lasts from May to December, and not only is the country beautiful during this time, but there are fewer people ;) Rainy season does not mean each day will bring downpours. In fact, some days it won’t rain at all. The mornings are bright and sunny, followed by an hour or two of rain around 5pm. The afternoon showers are a great time to relax in a hammock with a book and enjoy a delicious cup of Costa Rican coffee. The heaviest rains are during the night when you can enjoy its sound and fresh air from your warm bed until howlers monkeys wake you up at sunrise.

And last but best...the landscape becomes a vibrant green, the vegetation is lush, rivers are full and the sweet smell of misty dewdrops fills the air. Don't hesitate to contact us for advice on accommodation or activities if you decide to visit!


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