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Montezuma River & Waterfalls

Staying at KO you have direct and private access to Montezuma River and Waterfall. There is a short trail in the jungle from your tent to the natural pools and water massage. 

Its is also possible to hike down the river to the big waterfalls. And this is the most private way to explore the river, enjoying the colorful nature and wildlife.

From downtown Montezuma, the hike to the falls is about 15-20 minutes. At the entrance there is a hand painted wooden sign with a map of all the 3 waterfalls that componed this natural attraction and how walk  along a jungle path and cross the river.

The hike isn’t strenuous, but you should certainly watch your step. Flip flops are a no, we’d recommend tennis shoes or sandals with straps.

The falls are large and pretty, definitely worth visiting. It can get a little crowded with both tourists and locals alike, but it is never overwhelming. It really is a lovely experience meeting some new friends.

Bring a camera for sure! And water and some snacks, the scenery is so beautiful you could really sit there all day and swim. There are also a few small rocks to jump off of. A nice way to cool off in the dry season.

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